Dogs Sense of Touch

Dogs' whisker are deeply rooted into the skin and in a way act as a sense of touch because the end in delicate nervous cells. Anyway, they aren't as important as cats' whiskers. Other areas with touch related cells are the lips, paws, and nasal area.What the dog perceives through it's senses
The dogs' senses leads to some surprising behaviors.

  • A dog knows when you're going out;
  • It can sleep next to the TV when it's on but you can wake it with only crumpling paper;
  • Sled dogs can stay on route in the middle of the night when a skier might not even be able to with a compass.
  • Some dogs like to watch their surroundings from a high place even though it's sense of sight isn't very developed.
  • A dog can distinguish the family cars' sound.

For each of these abilities there's only a partial explanation, but in any case demonstrate that a dog can live on the wild.

Jealous Gody
Gody resisted all his life to be brushed on a table; maybe it's because he's ticklish. He developed a good ability to keep away from the brush. Until another dog came into the house; he was small, his name was Bini and he liked to be brushed. Gody wasn't watching very long before he jumped up on the table and laid on top of Bini, while looking at his owner "I left Bini on the floor and started to work on Gody who let himself be brushed with infinite patience, while on the floor Bini jumped up and down furiously".

Ways of conduct or behavior

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