Dogs that are aggressive toward strangers

Dogs that are aggressive toward strangers: When a dog attacks strangers it usually means the dog is afraid of new situations and circumstances and does not know how to react to them. These dogs usually tend to be very affectionate toward their owners and the people they do know, although it's also possible that a dog with a dominant behavior acts aggressively towards the owners and towards visitors that come to the house.
When a dog attacks his own owner it does not mean that he is afraid, it just means that he has not learned to respect humans. This problem can be solved by reducing the social level the dog thinks he has and by obedience training him. Male dogs that are neutered when they are puppies tend to be less aggressive too.

Fear in dogs: How to train aggressive dog: A puppy that has been isolated and left alone during the first months of his life will probably be aggressive and violent when he grows into an adult. Therefore it's very important to overcome the jealously or fear a puppy may have towards strangers before it turns into a big problem by making sure you never force a scared dog into new situations. If you have a naturally frightful dog and a visitor comes over, let the visitor know he or she must not get near the dog until the dog himself has come up to them. If you can, get your visitor to throw a treat at the dog and wait for the dog to go and pick it up. The owner, in the meanwhile, should remain near the puppy so that the dog does not feel insecure, and you should also praise the dog for his bravery. There are dogs or puppies that have gone through bad experiences while meeting a stranger. Bad experiences during puberty can have a negative effect on the dogs conduct that last a long time. If a dog has not learned to trust while he was still a puppy, it will be very difficult to gain his trust and it's possible the dog will act aggressive and violent. Getting rid of aggressive and violent behavior requires a lot of patience, as well as the help of an expert.

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