Dogs that are aggressive with other dogs

Dogs that are aggressive with other dogs: Some dogs are very docile with people, but very aggressive with other dogs. This type of behavior is usually caused by fear or lack of trust in other unknown dogs. This type of behavior is also very common in dogs that are naturally dominant, especially in the case of un-neutered male dogs, causing them to look at other dogs as rivals. Other causes of aggressiveness toward other dogs are when a puppy has grown up with aggressive parents or if the adult dog living with him was. This type of behavior usually occurs because of fear and it happens to dogs that did not socialize with other puppies or who were attacked by another dog during the first two years of their lives. This problem is usually quite difficult to change; therefore the solution is to avoid it from happening. If you can, get your puppy a friendly adult dog that is not aggressive toward other dogs and get him used to being around him and going out on walks with him. It's not common, or at least really rare, for dogs to fight to death. If your dog becomes involved in a fight, never try to break up the fight by force, because most likely one or the other will bite you. One thing that often times works is to grab a hose and spray the dogs down or make a loud noise by banging at an object really hard (metal if you there is any near). There are places where you can get a "dog-stop" which produces a very loud and disturbing noise and which are very effective for these types of situations. The best way though, is to train your dog so he does not fight, and teach him to come at call.

Fighting Dogs: Another time an aggressive dog tends to bite at his owner is when he is fighting with another dog and the owner tries to break up the fight, or when the owner tries to hold the dog so that he does not go and attack the postman or a visitor. In these types of situations your best bet is to not grab onto the dog directly, but to pull him by the leash.

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