Dogs that bark at other dogs

Why Dogs bark at other dogs: A dog that barks and tries to attack other dogs passing by them has a behavior problem. This type of problem can be a consequence of a an insecure puppy hood, of attacks from other dogs, which then makes the dog adopt a defensive behavior automatically; it's possible that the dog thinks that he needs to be on the defensive to avoid a supposed attack. The dogs own insecurity turns him into an aggressor that does not even think about the size of the other dog, even if the other dog is twice his size. This type of behavior can also be caused when the dog's owner encourages these types of outbursts of supposed bravery when the dog is still a puppy. When a dog owner does this, it causes the dog to continue barkingbecause it is under the impression that that is what pleases the owner. If you have a puppy that constantly barks, you will need to correct him so that he stops. Allowing a puppy to continue barking and attacking other dogs is teaching him and encouraging him to attack indiscriminately. It's almost certain that these dogs would not behave this way unless their owner is there because they do not feel protected. However, when somebody grabs them and celebrates their barks and aggression, it stimulates the puppy to continue behaving this way. It's very important that puppies get a chance to play with others like them because it helps them to socialize, however, you do need to be careful to not leave them alone amongst dogs that could run after him, scare him, hurt him or bite him, as this can affect his future behavior. The games dogs play together need to be friendly, as this will elevate the morale and trust of the puppy when it comes to his fellow partners.

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