Dog makes mess in house. Dog Greetings

When a Dog leave messes in the house by grabbing at different objects and things the owner has left lying around the house is a very same behavior some insecure dogs do when they are left alone in the house. However, there are certain things a dog owner can do to alleviate the discomfort and anxiety of the dog such as surrounding the dog with a barrier so that he is not able to get into certain things, another option is to give the dog or puppy a blanket or a toy that has the odor of the owner to comfort him. Usually, dogs get into their owners stuff because of the odor the objects have (which is the owners odor) to alleviate their anxiety. There are certain absorbent materials, such as tissue, that become impregnated with the owner's odor etc, which are tempting for a nervous dog to destroy. Dogsdestroy them because they like to form a barrier around themselves with their owner's odor. Another option is to just simply not leave anything like this around the house so that the dog does not get into it. Remember also that small objects can be hazardous and dangerous if a dog were to eat them as he could choke on them etc.

How Dogs say Hi! Greetings

Most of us are familiar with the signs dogs use to say "Hi" to us. When doing this, it seems as if the dog is "smiling" with his mouth open and he wags his tail as well. All of these are signals and signs a dog sends to humans to let them know they can get close to them and this way enjoy friendly and affectionate interaction. Different dogs interact with people in different ways – obviously this depends on how the dog was treated when he was a puppy. Some dogs try to lick their owners face, other dogs jump on their owners, some really like being hugged, some want to be pet, some love playing etc. Smaller dogs which are usually referred to as lap dogs, usually really enjoy being held in their owners arms and love sitting on their laps (hence the name). Through all of these different behaviors, dogs allow their owners to know they want their attention.

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