Dogs that pull on the leash

Dogs that pull on the leash: One very annoying habit a lot of dogs have is pulling on the leash. They do this because they are trying to move quicker than their owner. Even when the owner runs, he or she is still not able to keep up with the dog since dogs are competitive and will always want to be quicker. By pulling on the leash it seems a dog thinks he will get to his destiny quicker. If your dog does this, you will need to train him to "Heel" so he can learn to walk beside you and not drag you.

Competitive dogs: One thing dogs really enjoy is chasing after their partners or friends as it is something that helps them burn off energy and they love it. Encourage your dog to "work out" by allowing him time to run and jump every day, especially in the case of neutered dogs.

It's a beautiful dog life: Dogs that have all of their needs met turn out to be very happy and satisfied dogs and they show it in their behavior. Dogs that get enough exercise actually behave better than those that are constantly trying to burn accumulated energy. There are a number of physical and mental activities destined to stimulate active, healthy, and younger dogs. Dog owners that put an effort into playing with their animals regularly, almost always reap the benefits of having a much better relationship with them.

Dogs and owners: Playing with toys is a great way to reorient the energy of a dog and turn it into a stimulating activity. These types of games help the dog to concentrate and focus on grabbing at a certain toy for example. Playing games with your dog not only helps the dog to exercise physically but mentally as well and at the same time it is a great way for you to get to know your dog more and to create a stronger bond between you two.

I got it: A dog that practices catching things with his mouth can actually become quite good at it. Some dogs are just as agile with their mouths as we are with our hands. Train your dog to jump up at a ball and catch it. Make sure however, to always use a ball that is too big for the dog to swallow because it can be dangerous otherwise and cause the dog to choke.

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