Dogs with Babies: Introducing Dog and Baby

A dog that has been with a family for a long time will accept the baby as another member of the family. One, which he will look out for and treat as if it were one of his own pack. The inadequate behavior of a dog with a child is scarce, it happens only in the cases in which the dog is fearful or disturbed, in the sense that he is neurotic. On the other hand it, is critical to make a dog feel that he is not left out or he might become envious and jealous of the child. The reason a dog may want to attack somebody holding the child or carrying it, is only their natural way of showing protection for the child.

When you have a baby on the way, it is essential to take the dog to the vet for it to receive the proper hygiene and for yourself to learn how to prevent infections when the baby is around the dog. It would be a good idea to get your dog vaccinated against parasites every year.

You must avoid letting your dog sleep in the same bed and eat from the same plate as people. Also, avoid dog slobber and never let it have contact with your child's mouth.

Lawful Matters with animals

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