Dogs with Behavior and conduct problems

Dogs with Behavior / conduct problems: When a dog growls at his owner, it probably means the dog is not sure about where his place is in the family unit. It's possible that the owner led the dog to believe he was in a higher position within their family and this would then lead the dog to consider himself obligated to defend his rights and territory by defying anyone that comes near him. Dogs with this type of problem always want to be the center of attention, but when the owner tries to touch them at his or her own free will, the dog shows itself to be aggressive toward them. This is why it is so important the dog understand that he is in the lowest place in the family from the very beginning, and this is even more important when there are children living in the house. It's also important to train a dog so he can be obedient. If you have a male dog in the house, or are considering getting one, you could get him neutered, as this will also help to calm him down.A puppy has been separated from the rest of the pack for a long time, has never had the chance to relate to his brothers, and it will have not learned to bite in a joking way, or to bite at all when he plays. These puppies tend to turn into adult dogs that pull on people's shirts or arms too hard when they play. This type of behavior is wrong and inadequate, not only that, but it is also extremely dangerous when there are children in the house. Teaching a dog to stop biting is difficult when they have already grown up. Never play like you are fighting with your puppy because they tend to start nibbling and biting at you as a game and this will stick with them as they grow older, turning them into dangerous dogs. Never allow your children to play with the dog unless they are supervised at all moments. Children can, without meaning to, hurt or scare a dog who could react aggressively from there on with the child. A dog that has been hurt or is scared tends to growl and show his teeth to anyone that gets near him, even when he knows and likes a person. This type of behavior will be less frequent if the animal has gotten used to being touched by people all over his body, since this increases the dogs trust in his owner or owners; grooming your dog frequently will help you and your dog get to know each other more too.

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