Domestic & House Dog Problems

To have a dog has some inconveniences, specially on vacations. Previous planning could help to find a good canine residence.
My dog keeps running away from the garden. Why? Maybe he is attracted by a female in heat in the neighborhood. Some males are wanderers by nature, and run away whenever they can. If he does it, causing a traffic accident, you could be declared responsible for the damages. A mate may help to reduce his wandering. In males, castration always has a good effect to solve this problem.
Would it be better for my dog to stay outside at his home? No, unless you have your dog only to do some work. A domestic animal acting as a guardian should be integrated to the house as much as possible. You can give him a house in the garden as a resting place. You can also buy a wooden house in many places, be sure wood has not been treated with some chemical toxic substances cause your dog can bite it. If you want to paint it, avoid led based paints. Place the house over a brick base, and a waterproof material, like a thick plastic, in a protected and fresh part of the garden. Wood provides comfort and warmth, but doesn't last too long. You can build a more lasting structure using cement blocks, which are more isolating than bricks, though are subject of building controls. However these kinds of structures are expensive, and not portable.

Is it ok to leave my dog at home while going on vacations?

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