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Below is a list of Dog Questions with the relation Answer. We have 100s of them. When was the first dog tamed? Archaeological findings suggest the evolution of the domestic dog goes back to the year 10,000 B.C. there were already tamed dogs; and in Denmark and Germany some primitive remainders have been found recently. One of the most emotional discoveries took place in Israel, where a young dog was found in a grave alongside his owner. In fact, the use of dogs as guards spread out quickly all over the world. Somewhere around the year 5000 B.C., dogs remains brought by ancient colonists were found in North America. At the beginning domestic dogs had a very uniform aspect, but then they started to perform specific tasks in their communities. Some were used to work with flocks, while others were used as guardians. Now, and for the last 150 years, there is a tendency to produce dogs with a determined physical appearance to match the ideals of a particular breed. There are now, at least, 300 different breeds around the world. Due to this evolution some breeds have faded away, while some new ones have come to the fore.

Evolution of the Domesticated Dog

What kind of wild dog developed into the present domestic dog? Almost without any doubt, the wolf is the origin of all the present dog breeds. Some studies show the close resemblance between the skeletons of little wolves and the first tamed dogs. On the other hand, studies about their conduct evidence strong similarities between both groups of canines. There is only one notable difference, and it is in hunting, as domestic dogs are not used to it. Some suggest that dogs came from the golden jackal (Canis Aureus), and at first sight, this theory looks interesting. These animals live close to where man is, and are smaller in size. But this possibility is rejected due to their different conduct and shape. Another theory points out that a wild canine, now extinct, could have been the direct ancestor of the domestic dog. There is no strong evidence for this theory, though it looks certain that the smaller wolves breeds, are the origin of our dogs. In fact, the conduct and instinctive behavior, typical of our domestic dogs, can be traced back to the hierarchy of the wolves herd.

Questions before buying a dog

Dog's Diet

Should I choose a grown dog instead of a puppy?

Is it possible to feed a dog with vegetarian food?

Which is better: a male or female dog?

Should the meat be cooked?

Are some breeds more troublesome than others?

How many meals should I give my dog a day?

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Homemade dog food vs. canned food

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Dog Food Guide

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Eating Behaviors

Good guard dogs

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When should I buy a puppy?

Should I give my dog chew bones?

I'm not interested in a pedigree dog

How do I stop my dog from eating grass?

Some considerations to keep in mind

How much water should my dog drink?

What to ask the breeder before taking the puppy home?

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Comfort for your dog

Is it possible that my dog is allergic to some foods?

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The dog sleeping in my bed

Is obesity harmful for the dog?

Which is the correct way of carrying a puppy?

General Cleanliness for Dogs

Is there any precaution when bringing a puppy home?

How frequently should I bathe my dog?

The First Steps

How should I brush my dog?

What basic training should I give him?

What is "dry head washing"?

Can I start training with a leash?

Dog beauty saloons

Choosing a veterinarian

The Traveling Dog

What vaccinations does he need?

My puppy gets dizzy traveling by car

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I'm worried because our puppy is overfed

The Social Dog


At what age should I start training my dog?

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What happens with the female dog body after mating?

Should I let my dogs swim? They enjoy swimming?

Dog Hereditary Defects

Body Language

Which external evidence that indicate successful mating?

Barking is different according to breeds?

What is an apparent pregnancy, and how does it happen?

My dog destroys the house! solve the problem?

How should I feed my female dog during pregnancy?

How can I overcome my dog's conduct problems?

What problems can I face during whelping?

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The sense of smell

The place of birth

How important is the sense of sight?

How should I prepare for birth?

What should I do if my dog is attacked?

How can I help a puppy getting out?

How should I feed my female dog after delivery?

What to do after dog delivery?

Domestic Problems

The Older Dog

How can I find a good dog residence?

What can I do when my dog loses his teeth?

Is it ok to leave my dog at home while going on vacations

Which are the visible symptoms of dog's old age?

I've been offered a job abroad, I want to take my dog

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We are going to move to a new house

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New born puppies

How is dog cancer treated?

Average number of puppies per litter

My dog has bone cancer

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Chronic renal insufficiency

Can I raise the puppies by myself

Dog urine incontinence

The First Weeks

Dog Heart Attacks

Dog's Sex Life

The Great Sacrifice

Cutting the dog's tail

What will happen next with my dog's body?

To extirpate spurs is like cutting the tail?

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female dog in heat can mate accidentally

Knowing your dog's diseases

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important to always take dog to same veterinarian?

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Is it possible for the veterinarian to give phone advice

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I'm seriously thinking in castrating my dog

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I think my dog only has one testicle

My veterinarian has prescribed some pills

I just saw my female dog mating

How can I give my dog a liquid medicine?

Infectious Diseases

How important are dose instructions with my dog's medicine?

Can our dog get leptoespirosis?

How can I keep my dog warm?

Is there are two different kinds of canine adenovirus?

What cares does a paraplegic dog need?

Parvovirus infection is quite known

will have to inject my dog sometime?

Is protection against distemper possible?

Is it true when dog's nose is moist, the dog is healthy

Will inoculation provides an guarantee for my dog

What exactly is an emergency situation

Are dog vaccinations safe?

Hearing and Sight Problems

Should I inoculate my dog against hydrophobia?

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How can I know if my dog has hydrophobia

Some dogs have more ear infections than others?

Can my dog get the dog's cough at home?

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Digestive and Urinary Problems

My dog has been losing weight without losing appetite

What are the anal glands?

Is there are two kinds of diabetes identified with dogs?

Are females more prone to urine infections than males?

problems caused by suprarenal cortex dysfunction?

Dog First Aid

My dog looks too lazy

What should I do if he is bleeding too much?

External Parasites

What are the symptoms of commotion in a dog?

Dog Precautions

distinguish between a fracture and a dislocation?

Are fleas harmful for dogs?

What can I do to take of a grass fragment from a leg?

Most frequent acarus that can affect my dog?

My dog had a collapse when returning from a walk, but suddenly recovered

What other external parasites can affect my dog?

What should I do if my dog needs artificial breathing?

Internal Parasites

We live in hot weather special care with our dog?

Are intestinal worms important parasites?

What should I do if my dog gets burnt?

Dog Worms

What toxic substances are frequently found in dogs?

Other Dog Parasites

How should I treat insects or snake bites?

Should I deworm my dog regularly?

Different Dog Breeds

Your health and your dog

What is mange? How can I recognize it in my dog?

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