Domestic Dogs Site Map

Before buying a dog questions

Dog's Diet

Should I choose a grown dog instead of a puppy?

Is it possible to feed a dog with vegetarian food?

Which is better: a male or female dog?

Should the meat be cooked?

Are some breeds more troublesome than others?

How many meals should I give my dog a day?

Having children: Can I have a dog?

Homemade dog food vs. canned food

Old cat new dog

How much food does my dog need?

How can I get a determined puppy?

How can I control my dogs weight?

Can I trust a breeder?

Can I give him the meals leftovers?

Our children have asthma

Dog vitamins and mineral supplements

Should I choose a street or a pedigree dog?

Are there many kinds of canned dog food?

Do dogs have different temperament?

Dog Food Guide

Which breeds demand more attention than others?

Eating Behaviors

Good guard dogs

Can I give my dog chocolate?

When should I buy a puppy?

Should I give my dog chew bones?

I'm not interested in a pedigree dog

How do I stop my dog from eating grass?

Some considerations to keep in mind

How much water should my dog drink?

What should I ask the breeder before taking the puppy home?

How can I stop my dog from going through the trash?

Comfort for your dog

Is it possible that my dog is allergic to some foods?

What equipment do I need for a grown dog?

How do I stop my dog from eating his poop?

The dog sleeping in my bed

Is obesity harmful for the dog?

Which is the correct way of carrying a puppy?

General Cleanliness for Dogs

Is there any special precaution when bringing a puppy home?

How frequently should I bathe my dog?

The First Steps

How should I brush my dog?

What basic training should I give him?

What is "dry head washing"?

Can I start training with a leash?

Dog beauty saloons

Choosing a veterinarian

The Traveling Dog

What vaccinations does he need?

My puppy gets dizzy traveling by car

How long does the teething last?

My dog misbehaves in the car

I'm worried because our puppy is overfed

The Social Dog


At what age should I start training my dog?

How can I recognize when my female dog shows signs of being in heat?

What should I do after leaving my dog free from his leash for the first time?

Should I leave my female dog to deliver a litter of puppies?

My dog enjoys walks, but at what distance should I stand from him?

How can I foresee my female dog's next heat?

I want my dog to do some exercises in the garden

Can a female dog be artificially inseminated to have puppies?

Can I have some other advice about training my dog?

What happens with the female dog body after mating?

Should I let my dogs swim? They enjoy swimming?

Dog Hereditary Defects

Body Language

Which is the external evidence that indicate successful mating?

Barking is different according to breeds?

What exactly is an apparent pregnancy, and how does it happen?

My dog destroys the house
How can I solve the problem?

How should I feed my female dog during pregnancy?

How can I overcome my dog's conduct problems?

What problems can I face during whelping?

What other kinds of aggression are there?

How is mating supervised?

The sense of smell

The place of birth

How important is the sense of sight?

How should I prepare for birth?

What should I do if my dog is attacked?

How can I help a puppy getting out?

What to do after dog delivery?

How should I feed my female dog after delivery?

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