Dominating Dog Breed Types

Dominating dogs: There are dog breeds that are dominating not only over their counterparts but over their owners as well. These types of dogs are able to feel and capture the true personality of their owners based on small and unpredictable signs of weakness which then leads the dog to adopt dominating conduct over his owner. Usually the unconscious intimidation a person feels in front of their dog causes this dominance to occur. It is not new history to hear that a dog attacked their owner for causes that seem unjustified but that are related with temperament. This type of aggression can be directed only against the owner with whom the dog seems to be at rivalry with, and it does not seem to occur with other members of the nuclear family. A dog that shows these syndrome, he will growl whenever he gets upset while sitting on a bed or couch front which he will not want to get off of. This will also happen if the person gets near his sleeping area, or near to theplace he is resting or eating. A dog that shows an aggressive behavior will show his teeth, growl, bite or even bite at the person softly. Usually the dog will slowly show his intentions, but in other cases the dog will just bite with no previous advice. A dog can frequently manifest dominating non-aggressive signals towards his owner by staring right at him or her, or by remaining standing in front of him in a defying attitude. A dog that is defying his owner will also press his chin against his shoulder and do other things that the owner does not recognize or know how to read. There are certain things that can unchain a dominating dogs aggression such as when the owner cleans the dogs body, tries to knock the dog over against his will, grabbing him, placing or taking off certain objects such as his collar etc. A deep stare can be interpreted as a challenge by a dog and it might cause him to respond violently.

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