Excited Dogs

Sometimes dogs behave in a crazy way due to the situation. They bark hysterically, chase their tail, chew on stones, groom themselves compulsively and ask you to carry them in your arms.

Talk with the veterinary in order to make sure a disease is not causing this behavior so that you can continue with his basic reeducation.

Excessive Dog Barking
Many dogs are like alarm systems: they start barking when they hear unexpected noises. There are some dog breeds, especially the Terrier, Poodle and Lhasa Apso that become chronic barkers if they are not taught to dominate their hobby. With hysterical dogs, a "shut up" order might sound like you are trying to join them in their barking.

Teach your dog the "bark" and "shut up" orders once again in an adequately calm area. Ask a friend to come and knock at your door while you are practicing this exercise. Theatrical gestures are needed at times. When your dog barks, put some non-toxic or irritant but unpleasant substance in his mouth, but be careful not to put it on or near his eyes.

Tail Chasing
When dogs are very excited, some of them, especially the Bull Terrier, chase their own tail. Although there is a genetic factor to this behavior, you can control it so that you can reduce the frequency of this activity.

Distract your dog by offering him another prize. Order him to "sit" and "eat" and when he does so, reward him with a chewable toy or a food reward. If the problem persists, ask the veterinarian for advice.

Demanding Attention
Sometimes insecure dogs get hysterical if they are not carried in someone's arms. This is more common in dependent dogs, especially when they are in new environments. Some dogs will jump up and try to lick your face. You shouldn't be harsh with these dogs because they need to increase their level of self-confidence.

1. If your dog jumps persistently and obsessively, or he scratches you with his paws, silently leave the room, the dog will be surprised by your sudden departure.

2. A minute later and while the dog is still calmed, return and reinforce your control by ordering him to "sit". You should reward him for his good behavior.

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