External Dog Parasites. How do I know if my dog has fleas?

Apart from dog fleas, there are some other external parasites in dogs, some of which, like the Demodex mite, may cause serious infectious consequences. How do I know if my dog has fleas? How can I solve flea problems? Keep a close eye on your dog's coat, especially while brushing it. You can't see the fleas directly, but you will probably notice their characteristic small dirt spots of a red grayish brown color, that are the rests of blood extracted from the dog. One of the major problems of fighting against fleas is that they are on the dogfor a very short time, but remain hiding in the area for a very long time. You maybe can see a flea running through the dog's hair around the anus base, their favorite part of the body. There are some special combs for fleas, buy they are so agile that even when detected, they are hard to catch. If you have a small container, fill it with water before starting to brush the dog, and place it inside. Then, if a flea appears, will go into the water, where they are helpless. Squeeze it strongly between your thumb and index fingers to kill it. The dog should be treated with some powders or an spray. Be careful when applying these preparations, potentially toxic; always read carefully the instructions before using them, specially if you buy one of the available trade marks at an pet shop, cause not all are safe for young dogs. With the powder, brush your dog in the natural direction of his hair. Use spray in the same way, being specially careful around the head. It is probable that the dog will try to get rid of the chemical product with his tongue. To prevent that, immediately after treatment, take him out for a walk. Don't be surprised if the dogs gets scared with the spray sound. That's why sometimes is better to use powder. Besides treating the dog, is basic to take care of his place. The bed should be cleaned, treated with powder or pulverizer, as well as any blanket or mantel of the dog. The vital cycle of the fleas takes around five weeks to be completed, and probably the tinny eggs will be disseminated on the floor. Some out of the place will go out of the egg later producing new bites to your dog. Repeat treatment according to instructions. In serious cases, it could be necessary to call a professional disinfecting company. Chemical products used may have a residual action, so other fleas can't establish in that place for some time. Don't forget to take out of the room any other domestic animals, like fishes, before disinfectants start to work. It is very probably that dogs transmit fleas to cats, and vice verse, that's why if there is a feline at home, he should be also treated; have in mind that they are even more sensible to the effects of these chemical products than dogs.

Dog Precautions

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