External Puppy Parasites -Parasite in Dog

External parasite in dog: External parasites include fleas, lice, larva, ticks, etc. These infestations can be very serious and cause a great deal of discomfort to the puppy and adult dog. Fleas, besides causing the puppy to become extremely irritated due to the itch, also causes allergic reactions that causes patches of the dog's or puppy's hair to fall out, causing there to be nasty looking bald spots and inflammation on the skin of the puppy's sides. Flies, believe it or not, attack puppies and adult dogs causing serious lesions on their ears. If a fly were to lay its eggs in these lesions, it could cause a very painful swollen lesion that forms when the larva and worms get inside the ear canals and muscular zones. When this happens, it causes the animal to be in a great deal of pain causing the dog to scratch and try to bite its ear withdesperation. When this happens it is necessary to take the puppy or dog to the veterinarian so he or she can recommend the necessary treatment. If a dog gets stung by a bee or wasp, it does not usually cause grave pain or harm (It does hurt the dog though). However multiple stings can be so serious that it can actually cause the dog death. If you notice your dog has been stung and the dog's skin is very swollen, the dog must not eat and you must take it to the veterinarian. If the puppy or dog has been bit by wasp or bee in its throat or mouth (by trying to eat them), the edema can cause the puppy or dog to have serious respiratory problems. One bee or wasp sting alone can be fatal when the venom has penetrated into a blood vessel or due to hypersensitivity. If the stinger stays inside the puppy's or dog's skin, you will need to take it out by using curved tweezers, not flat though, to avoid it from shoving it further inside the dogs skin causing more venom to go inside. Once you have removed the stinger you should apply a little alcohol on it in order to disinfect the sore. If your puppy has gotten attacked by bees or wasps and been stung multiple times, you will need to rush him immediately to the veterinarian clinic.

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