Choosing a Family Dog. Familiar Structure dog pup puppy

Our pet's place: The future pet must adapt to all of the members of the family, especially if there are children or elderly people. A dog that is too strong and big could involuntarily hurt someone, and a dog that's too small might make someone trip. If the family that decide to get a dog have also a baby, it is best to wait until the baby is 4-5 years old, for if not, it will be impossible to take care of a dog properly.

But if the baby is born when the dog is already in the house, you will have to do anything necessary in order to make the dog accept the baby as a member of the family. You must never leave the dog out, for in this case it is possible that the dog will feel jealous of the "new pup". Before the baby gets home, you can leave some of his (her clothes lying around the house so the dog starts recognizing the baby's aroma. Before the baby is born, the dog must get used to the sound of children, maybe you can record the sound of an crying baby or laughing and make the dog listen to them.

A dog's company is very useful for the social development of a bay, and both get benefits from living together, for they tend to feel more responsible and mature, because they have to take care of their playmate. However, you must always take care of hygiene conditions. The doctor and the vet will help you with this.

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