Fancy Dog Carrier

Ok so one Monday morning one of the women who work in my office shows up bright and early with her new fancy dog carrier. I think she said it was a Juicy or something. Anyway she had brought it to the office to show it off. And the next week or so she brings in her digital camera full of pictures of her and her dog with in the Dog CarrierFancy dog carrier. I mean enough is enough. I am fast becoming sick of everyone wanting the most costly and excessive accessories for their dog. How I long for the good old days when you and your dog were happy together and loved each other. And in no way did everything you bought for your pet have to be a financial or fashion statement. I know that people really love their dogs Iam the first on the list of dog fanatics. This doesn't mean that I need to rake out the cash for gourmet food, Louis Viutton dog carriers, or Juicy or whatever, air conditioned-heated dog houses, dog resorts, dog Jacuzzis and the list goes on and on. Do people really think that the more money they spend on their dogs the more it makes us think that they love their pets? I wonder if people who go crazy on accessorizing their animals aren't in need of help. There must be some medical condition that people have who go overboard in this way. There is probably even a scientific name for it. Everybody please, can't we just enjoy the simple pleasures of dog loving with out there being a price tag attached?

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