Fat in Dog Diet Need

If there isn't fat in the meat, then use butter or vegetal oil, just like in the table.

Grains for dogs: Brown rice, porridge flakes and wheat are the best types of grain you ca give to your dog. Brown bread and flakes for dogs can be eaten without cooking them.Mix 2/3 of the meat with1/3 flakes

Take a look at the package of the products you are going to use for your dog's meal; if some of these products already have vitamins and minerals, then you don't need to add any of them.

Dairy Products for dogs

  1. Use plain cheese
  2. Necessary extras:
  3. Do not forget every meal has to be enriched with one of these:

1st possibility: Follow the instructions you get from the vet or the people at the pet shop.

2nd possibility: Mix:

Beer yeast flakes: 1 tablespoon for big dogs and 1 teaspoon for the others.

Boiled egg: 1 for a big dog and ½ for small or medium sized ones.

Powdered bones: 20 gr for big dogs and 10 gr for small and medium sized dogs. (5 gr for very small ones)

Mix everything thoroughly and then blend it with half an apple, half a carrot and 1 lettuce leave. Serve raw.

Chewing snack: Give the dog once or twice a week dried bacon, bones, etc.

Basic Plan for do-it-yourself canine menus

Components of a daily ration






Large dogs


30-50 gr


2 tablespoons

Medium dogs


20-30 gr

70-100 gr

1 tablespoon

Small dogs

80-100 gr

10-15 gr

30-50 gr

½ teaspoons

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