FCI World Canine Agility Championships

The World Agility Championships are organized annually. The winners will gain the title 'World Agility Champion(s)'Any NCO wanting to organize the 'World Agility Championships' must apply five years in advance. Applications must be sent to the chairman of the FCI Agility Committee. As a rule, the date for the World Championship, is the first weekend of October. The FCI Agility Committee must approve any deviation from this date. Applications should include the following details:

  • Name of the NCO
  • Place where the event is planned/description of the facilities
  • Name and address of the official running the competition

Description of the facilities and ring chosen for the event as well as the available resources, which must meet the 'Specifications for the World Agility Championships' attached to these regulations.

The World Agility Championship is an event in which the top handlers of FCI member countries take part. The organizing country should give this event the prestige befitting the 'World Championships'.

The host country will provide all the necessary equipment. It is responsible for the reception of all invited competitors and officials.

To create a good atmosphere, which will contribute to the success of the event, special consideration should be given to the use of a good commentator during the event.

The media (press, radio, TV etc.) should be contacted to ensure the necessary publicity in order to attract a large number of spectators and thereby promote Agility and the pure bred dog.

The organizing NCO is responsible only to the FCI for the practical organization and it must take the appropriate measures to make sure that the event runs smoothly.

At least 6 months prior to the event, the organizing NCO must invite other NCOs to participate. The NCOs should be advised about closing date, maximum number of entries and they should also be requested to provide suitable and identical attire for their teams.

The FCI agility committee will appoint a representative who will ensure that the 'Specifications' regarding the World Championships are respected by the organizing NCO and that the Agility rules and regulations are strictly applied. The organizing NCO will present the representative with a program of the competition.

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