Fear Aggression in Dog or Puppy - Dog Fear Thunder

Fearful puppies and dogs: Some puppy dogs react and get extremely frightened and panic at the sound of lightening, thunder, or fireworks and there is no real reason they should. Some cases will cause fear aggression in the dog. These types of fears have caused many dogs to even run away from their homes in panic and disoriented, and unfortunately in some cases some have even been hit by a car due to running out into the road, and others have had difficulty finding their way home etc. Dog fear thunder from the beginning of a storm or fireworks turns into a sign of danger for a puppy and this then causes him to show evident signs of alarm that will go increasing as the circumstances become greater, and will then little by little decrease as the noise dissipates. When a puppy is scared it becomes very evident in the way he begins to behave and the way he looks. Some puppies start walking form one side of the room to the other, looking for somewhere to hide and if there is an open door, some will run out without giving any warning to the owner. These types of fears can be corrected by working together with the dog in order to change the way he reacts to these types of noises. Animals that have this type of problem need to be gradually exposed to what is causing them the fear little by little until gradually the puppy losses his fear. There is a specific type of technique that is used to help correct fears and anxiety in a peaceful way in dogs and puppies. One example of this is if your dog or puppy is scared of fireworks. A firecracker is lit at about fifteen or twenty meters of distance, or at a distance where it does not cause the puppy or dog to be frightened. Little by little the owner or trainer will then come closer and closer with the firecracker and all of this should be done as something completely normal, this can be done while talking to the puppy as if nothing, but not by overprotecting the puppy as it will just reinforce the fearful behavior.

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