Fear Aggression in Dog Fear of People

Why is that dogs, being so sociable, sometimes feel scared of people? This often cause fear aggression in dogs but when this happens it is obvious that the dog has suffered some type of trauma because of a bad experience he lived through with a human such as punishment, cruelty, lack of care, rejection etc. All these types of things can cause an animal to adopt a fearful behavior that then causes him to run away.Another reason for this fear is when dogs do not have any contact with humans between four and seven weeks of age. During this short stage of a puppy's life, he must learn through visual experiences, by smelling, and through direct contact with humans. This is why it's important to be aware of finding a reputable breeder that knows how important it is to touch and pet his or her puppies. A puppy needs to learn to smell and recognize humans so they can accept them, to the contrary they become shy and fearful in front of people. To reverse this type of behavior you will need to know what is causing it first of all. Where the dog was at the moment, who he was with etc.

It's possible that the dog is not scared of people when they don't move around, but if they walk towards him it causes him to run away. The level of anxiety and fear of people varies depending on the proximity of the person getting near. The most adequate way to get rid of this fear is to desensitize the animal of people. Teach the dog to "sit" first of all. Then talk lovingly and calmly to the dog while touching his head. Have somebody else stand at a certain distance (make sure that person does not cause the dog too much anxiety as it is). After a few moments that person will have to leave. In the following sessions ask your helper to come closer to the dog little by little, remember that at the slightest indication of fear, the helper must go further back. This must be done gradually reducing the distance until the helper is able to get near the dog and will then have to stretch out his arm so the dog can smell it and leave his hand loose so the dog can get near etc.

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