Factor that create Fear in Dogs

Some dogs are more fearful than others and a lot of this has to due with how they were previously raised etc. However, there are some things that scare a lot of them such as storms and fireworks. These loud noises can cause a dog to take off running and panic. Even though these reactions may seem exaggerated, it's normal as this is one way they react to an unknown situation. If this occurs with your dog, do not pet him or comfort him because he will then think that you are rewarding him for this conduct. Never punish a dog either, as this will only increase his fear and it can result in your dog becoming fearful of you.

There are different ways to deal with these fear problems. You can help your dog by getting a specialized trainer that will be able to train your dog to get over these fears. Another option is to talk to your veterinarian and ask him about special medications that can be given to a dog and he will be able to prescribe these according to the age, characteristics, etc of your dog.

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