Fearful Dog

Calming Down Fearful Dog: After a dog has avoided a confrontation, he will try to find something else to do to relieve his tension whether it be relaxing in the shade, drinking water etc. However, you will probably be able to notice how the dog's hair remains sticking up, especially in dogs with short hair, until they have calmed down completely.

Get out of here dog: A dog that feels confident and sure of himself, will make this clear to another dog by keeping his tail upwards and by walking towards the other dog. If the other dog does not want problems he will opt to slowly walk away. One fast and wrong movement could stimulate the dominant dog to chase the underdog, so the underdog makes sure to keep his tail down, he keeps his ears stuck to his head as if he were afraid and slowly walks away to avoid problems while at the same time looking back if his behind is exposed. A dog that feels worried about another dog powerful dominant dog walking behind him will slowly walk away in hopes of notgetting attacked.

Fearful dogs: When a dog is afraid he will show it in very obvious ways, and it is important the dog owner learns to read these signals as it could avoid the dog form biting the other dog out of fear. Some dogs hide their fear by showing themselves to be secure of themselves and brave (when they are actually freaked out). Some dogs, for some reason, exhibit several different signs while going through different series of emotions. You can notice how a dog is feeling by watching his tail, ears and the rest of his body as this will help give you a more precise idea of what the dog is thinking about in that moment.

Oh no!: When a dog is worried about something or someone in front of him, he backs off so that he can run away if necessary. A fearful dog will stick his tail in between his legs and his ears will be back and stuck to his head to protect them in case he gets attacked. A fearful dog usually keeps his eyes fixed on what he is afraid of in order to escape quickly if necessary and you can often times see the white in the dogs because he will have them wide open.

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