Feeding an adult dog -How to Feed/Diet Adult Dogs

Feeding is the art of covering a nutritious requirement with the existing foods inside a nutritional régime. The owner of the dog should choose a diet first and later he needs to know the quantity of food and the frequency and hour in that it should distribute it. Once taken these basic decisions the choice of the recipient should offer the food to avoid occasional problems as rejection of the food. This chapter studies the feeding of normal physiologically mature dogs. The nutritional régime for sick, obese, convalescent or old dogs is explained later.

Dog diet plan: In the first par of the section we provided the nutritious necessities of the dogs while in this part it will include the energy contributed by various foods. It is likely to develop an unlimited number of diets that will give an accuracy quantity of food, and all the necessary nutrients in balanced quantities. Here are some examples of diets for adult dogs.

Recipes for Dogs

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