How Much to Feed a Dog - Feeding an Old Dog

As liver, stomach and kidneys do not work that well in an aged dog, you need to feed them loads of carbohydrates. Small and medium sized 10 year old dogs (big dogs get old faster, when they are 7) are to eat less meat and more porridge, rice and vegetables. There also special varieties of dog food (the senior varieties) this kind of diet is also good for dogs with hepatic problems, as well as the ones who have kidney complications.
Complications caused by food: Some dogs do not do better than their owners, they can have weight problems.

How much to feed a dog? A dog that eats too much has to diet, for overweight is as unhealthy for a dog as for a human being. Give the dog 2/3 of the usual amount of food you give it, and make it do more exercise. Anxiety about eating can have other sources than just liking to eat: Females tend to eat more than males, and dogs that have been neutered, then it will eat a lot ant become less active.

A dog that doesn't eat: You will have to try with as many varieties as you can, until the dog finds one that it likes. Nevertheless, if the dog suddenly stops eating, you need to take it to a vet, as this can be a symptom of an important disease. Lack of appetite can be a result of adaptation problems, too. Try and discover what the dog likes and offer it treats: chopped meat with egg, for example, and than make it get used to regular food.

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