Feeding an Older Dog

When dogs get old, they tend to put on weight, to have less vitality and get tired more easily. You must avoid excessive fat food, which is why home-made food is not that advisable.

Better, reduce the amount of food you give your dog. If the food is dry, soak it because old dogs tend to have problems in their mouths. The most recommendable thing to do is to give them two meals a day.

Feeding an Active Dog
Dogs that work harder need more energy. You have to give them more quality nutritious food. These kinds of dogs need all the food they ask for, making sure that they don't gain weight. Normally, with one meal a day it is enough, but if your dog is too thin, you can give him two meals a day. But, you should soak the food so that your dog can eat his whole ration.

If your dog is self-fed, you should leave an amount of dry food available for him at all time.

You shouldn't feed your dog immediately before or after he works. Immediately after working, your dog should only drink water and then rest. After having rested, he can eat. The kind of food that active dogs receive is very important. The best kind of food is the one that provides the highest density of nutrients. Remember that you shouldn't give your dog any supplements unless a veterinarian has suggested you do so.

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