Female and Male Dogs

Female VS male dogs: One thing to keep in mind when acquiring a dog is their differences; we will list some to keep in mind. If you are interested in choosing a female dog keep in mind that she will go into heat two times a year starting from the eight to tenth month of her life and this will happen every six months. During this time the female dog needs to be taken care of so that she does not mate accidentally. Some people are under the impression that female dogs that do not give birth are more likely to getting cancer, this is an erroneous concept.
There is also another common mistake people think about male dogs, which is that they are always on the look out for female dogs. This is not true because if there isn't a female in heat, the dog does not get excited. Another erroneous concept is that male dogs lift their legs and urinate on the couches and furniture in secret. Dogs that are properly trained will not urinate in the house be it male or female.
Puppies need to go to their veterinary check ups to get their vaccinations and dewormed. They also need to eat the right type of food and their feeding schedules must always be respected. They need to be allowed to play, run, and get trained. The "pedigree" is important when it comes to the legalization of the pet that certifies that the puppy has been registered and insures the purity of the breed acquired. This kind of paper work will also allow the puppy be able to participate in dog shows in the future and have puppies under supervision of a professional. Remember that getting a dog is a choice that must be taken very carefully and it is important to be aware of the responsibility it is.

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