Fights and Chasing

The puppy knows he is not fighting but playing. Puppies that can't see the difference could develop important dysfunction's, related usually with bites. And that is because the ludic fight inhibits biting. The puppy never bites while playing. The owner has great responsibility in this game phases when pushing the dog to bite, he is inducing a pathological behavior.The puppy never has a menacing gesture while playing. If he has, the mother will reprimand him, and afterwards the owner. Playing evolves according to his age, relations with his mother and environment.

Playing and the puppy's age: The first sign of a ludic behavior may be watched towards the four weeks, at the start of socialization period. Puppies, between two and four weeks, have brief playing periods, including biting sessions. Rarely they are lonely games. The puppy plays with his mother or litter. The game is dull. During this period, the puppy gets conscious of his body through touching, licking, and biting.
Between four and five weeks, he discovers he can play alone with an object. Then adopts a characteristic position of being in front of the prey, and defends his toy when a congener approaches. The puppy discovers also ludic fight: he can catch another puppy by the neck or ears, lifting him up, and shaking him. A puppy that has been bite during a fight discovers pain and howls. This allows the one that bite him, to be conscious of what he has done and will inhibit him during playing sessions. When a puppy is bite and howls, the aggressor leaves his prey. Therefore, is basic not to intervene, so that both get conscious of biting and get bitten. If the owner intervenes, the learning of this notion won't be correct.
Between five and seven weeks, fighting games are perfectioned. Puppies fall down purposely, and real game strategies appear. During these sessions arise many adult attitudes of submission or dominion.
Starting at seven weeks till the adult age, the dog plays very frequently, and intensity of playing is important. This is when the owner can enter the game, and he must pay careful attention. Sexual exploration appears.

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