Find the Perfect Dog in Old Dogs an Old Dog

No more rabbit hunting: Andra no longer chases things, and we think we found the perfect dog in here. She enjoys admiring her surroundings, but sometimes seems upset and withdraws her view every time she sees a rabbit. It is very obvious that she would rather not see the bait. After having bad experiences, she takes her time in calculating the possibilities in catching the rabbit. It is true that old dogs have accumulated various experiences throughout their lives—experiences like hunting, cars, children, strangers, neighbors, veterinarians, mice, cats, stairs and carpets. Due to these experiences, an old dog is indeed the perfect dog.

Living in Harmony:Any owner has a multitude of stories to tell about how intelligent their dog is. A dog knows exactly when their owner goes to the office or shopping because they can identify every member of their pack and their individual habits. A dog knows that an endearing stare can get him anything—a walk around the park or even a treat. In addition, he knows that with his owner he could use other tactics to get what he needs. If the dog needs to go outside, he will give his owner a stare of urgency. For example, Andra knows exactly when it is Sunday. Obviously she does not know what is Sunday, but she perfectly knows that it's a marvelous day where her owners sleep longer, a delicious breakfast is made and her favorite weekly cookie is given to her. Your dog knows when you go out to work, go shopping, go to theperfect dog theatre or go visit some friends. In general, a dog evaluates your actions and mannerisms, and can conclude what it is that you are doing.

According to what people say, a dog and its owner resemble one another as more time elapses in their lives together. I am sure that you know people that can confirm this theory. For example, a neighbor and his dog Waldo walk in a synchronized manner across town. There is also the annoying woman at the end of the street yelling about something that is bothering her, and along her side she has her dog who is also barking hysterically. Furthermore, my Andra has a passion for my work, and every time I go to my desk and start working she finds a nearby couch and rests there.perfect dogs

If you have not committed grave mistakes in raising your dog, he will completely trust you. Your dog will not suffer a nervous attack every time you go take care of some errands. He will calmly observe all the incomprehensible activities you engage in, and feel safe with your affection and care. Your old dog follows you everywhere due to all the nice experiences you have lived together. The hierarchy between you both has been clearly established.

Every phase in the life of a dog has its own unique attraction, and old age is particularly special. When I yawn, Andra yawns in return. Also, I know when my dog is feeling well or not, when she wants to be caressed or when she would rather be alone. A stare is enough, and such understanding without words is not common among people. Hence, a relationship with a dog can be a great experience.

Do you remember how your puppy changed your life when you brought him home? Think about all the stressing, fun, frustrating efforts you made in order to make your puppy a civilized home companion. Now your dog no longer needs your constant teaching efforts. This does not mean that there only remains boredom between the two of you, but that your life together has reached a superior level. Old Dog, New Tricks

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