Find the Perfect Dog. Finding Perfect Dog

As we know, the perfect dog does not exist, but we must rather find the best option depending on the person or family looking for one. Besides all the breed characteristics of a dog it's also important to analyze several other aspects while choosing a puppy:

Characteristics of its parents: Let's say that you are looking for a quiet, peaceful dog. It's important to know if his parents are too. Whereas if you were looking to get a guard dog, it would be convenient to find out if its parents are too.

The way it gets along with it's siblings and mother: Observe if the dog is loving and playful or if he is aggressive and violent.

Temperamental characteristics: These are evaluated at the moment that they are getting adopted. This is usually done by a test that classifies them as:

  • Dominating
  • Submissive
  • Independent

Reactions when put to work

Traces that can be evaluated: Some of these include fear, easily excited, resistance to manipulation and sociability.

Tip: It's always better to have these things evaluated by a veterinarian or at least with the help of one. Mainly because these features that can be seen and detected, form only part of the whole picture that defines a dog.

The right moment to get a dog: It's recommended to separate the puppy from its mother and take it to it's new home between the seventh and eighth week of life. This way, it passes the first stage of socializing with individuals of it's same race, and then the second stage of socializing with children and adults, as well as other species that it might possibly have to live with in the future. Doing this also allows puppies to be exposed to a greater variety of environments and stimulation's with the end purpose of getting them accustomed to the different conditions that exist in life.

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