First Aid for Dog - Dog First Aid Treatment

You are walking your dog as usual and suddenly it gets hurt: What First Aid Technique is there for dogs?

Paw cuts: There it is, limping and gloomy, holding a hurt paw in the air. If the wound is bleeding too much, then put some dressings on it and press it, you can get bandages and alcohol from a nearby shop. Before bandaging the wound, try and clean it. Cover it with a clean handkerchief or tissue paper if you don't have a bandage, and tie a cloth (a sock would be ok) around the paw.Making a tourniquet: If bleeding doesn't stop after many tries, make a tourniquet above the elbow. The best would be an elastic rope or a belt, but a sock would be fine. Slacken it a bit every 30 minutes to lower the risk of gangrene. Go to the vet as soon as you can, even if the wound doesn't bleed, for as the paws are in contact with dirt, it is very probable that it will get infected.

First aid for dog bite: Dog fights are part of canine life and they usually end fine. Nevertheless, you have to check your dog thoroughly after them. There can be wounds hidden underneath the layer of hair your dog has. If your dog is bleeding, you need to cover its wounds with a clean cloth, but if the bleeding is too much, you need to press the wound, use your hand as a last resort. Go to the vet quickly; infections are likely to happen, when one dog bites another.

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