First Aid for Dog, in case of Injuries

First Aid for Dog, in case of Injuries

It is inevitable: the dog can injure himself, suffer a collapse from exhaustion or excessive heat, or by consuming something toxic. This is the first thing you must do in cases like this:

Strong bleeding wounds from bites or scratches ) fighting, stay hung up when jumping, cutting yourself with a crystal or something similar): place a tight bandage to stop the hemorrhage. If you don't have at one at hand, cove the wound with a clean handkerchief and bind it with a scarf or a sock. The tight bandaging only serves purpose for a short while. You must take him to the vet immediately.

Heat Stroke: place the dog in the shade and with cold water refresh his hoofs, paws and trunk (in that order) as quick as possible! The symptoms of a stroke caused by heat are: excessive saliva, uncoordinated movements, dog shaking and unbalanced.

Important: if the dog feels any larger pain, he is disturbed from the accident or is in panic, he might oven turn around and bite his owner. Tie his muzzle with a handkerchief, scarf or sock if necessary.

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