First Dog Grooming Session

Even when we the dog owners occasionally groom our dogs, it is still necessary and indispensable to take them to the professional dog groomer or barber if we want them to look like the image of their breed. Although it is not easy to pinpoint which is the best dog groomer, you will need to find a groomer you feel comfortable and confident with. It's usually recommended you yourself (without your dog at first) go to the barber yourself to see the people's treatment with the dogs, the cleanliness of the place and obviously if you get a good feel off of it. This is suggested because the first visit to the groomer will have a strong impact on the dog if it is not an enjoyable one and it will determine how the dog will react in his future visits to the barber andgrooming sessions. If you are not sure which place to choose, ask friends or neighbors that have dogs; if you see that several of them suggest a specific place, go there.

Once you take your dog, talk to your dog and calm him down as much as possible so that he does not feel nervous. You will then have to leave without feeling uptight or nervous because nervousness will just be transmitted on to your dog. If you know that your dog is afraid of a certain type of noise, or is sensitive in a specific area of his body and gets nervous or aggressive, make sure to let the dog groomer know. After your dog has gone to his first grooming session, you will need to take him back approximately every three months, in some cases less, but it important you always at least take the dog to get groomed every four months. Talk to the groomer to schedule your next appointment.

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