Flours, granules and expanded flours for dogs

The flours or jumblemixtures are also for dogs. They are similar products to those made for pigs and birds, consisting on thick cereals, rich flours in protein, minerals and sometimes a concentrate of vitamins. Unless the cereal is precooked to process thestarch, the dog's digestion will be quite low and it will make the excrement to be soft. The content of fat is quite low in general,fact that explains the relative drop of flour acceptance unless it is mix with meat. The granules are prepared by compressing flours that show some humidity. The heat caused by the friction usually is not enough to cook the starch for what most of the granulated diets are something laxatives. This disadvantage overcomes by the compression of the flour in a rich humidity atmosphere and elevating the temperature until about 100ยบ C for friction. The heat cooks the starch and the abrupt step to the atmospheric pressure it determines the boil of the retained vapor obtaining this way the spongy texture of the expanded called flours. This product usually covers with fat to improve the nutritious value.Although the expanded flours are more flavorful than the cakes, it lacks the attractive scent of the meat, although many dogs like to chew the dry granules. The conservation capacity is similar to the cakes, whenever the covering fat has been stabilized, this is to avoid the alteration once is in contact with the air.

Recipes for Dogs

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