Free Dog Training Tip

To learn and dominate small abilities are more useful activating brain cells then strengthening body muscles, and are fun for most dogs. When done well the owners feel extremely proud, and dogs enjoy themselves. Please feel free to use any or all these dog training tips.

Dog Falling on his Face: previous exercise: keep a candy high up over the dogs head. The dog must not show any reaction when given the command <still!> but will jump at the candy grabbing it when you say the command <up!>.

Ability Exercise: place your hand under the dog's mouth and close it for him. Secure the dogs head position. Place a candy on the point of his muzzle. Give the command <still!> so the dog will stay in that fixed position. Try loosening your hand on his head one way or another until the dog adopts this posture on his own. Give the command <up!> so the dog will toss the candy upwards (with his muzzle) and will catch it again with his mouth wide open. Don't let him eat the candy that has fallen to the ground.

Note: Not appropriate for races with short muzzles.

Roll to one Side: One ability that dogs like a lot. After giving the command <lie down!>, push the dog o make him roll to a side. Combine this action with the corresponding command of <roll!>. Praise, reward and repeat.

Free dog training tip: Games in the Garden
Pull and Loosen
: Use only resistant material. The ropes can't slide or be made of plastic fiber plastic with sharp edges. Necessary conditions: the dog must obey the command <let go!>. Watch out with dominant males and aggressive dogs. Game of Hide, Look and Brining Objects by Tracking: The garden offers interesting variants for hiding and looking for objects. Possible hide-outs: in fallen leafs, branches hanging form trees, etc. Combined with following tracing (the smell of some candies, an owner's jersey, or the dog's favorite toy or blanket) you can place some complicated tasks to dogs that already have experience tracking. A Digging Box for Dog: An exclusive sand box made just for the dog gives him the opportunity to dedicate himself to his favorite game: digging, with out being punished. Do some daily games of burring toys into the sand box so the dog can look for them. That way they will learn, that they can dig nowhere else but there and they will stay away from the plants.

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