Free Dog Training Tips

If you are interested in training several dogs you will have to choose those that have a confident temperament and use some very reliable Free Dog Training Tips. Nervous and temperamental animals should not be used for certain things until they have been completely trained by a specialist in that area. Good discipline is something that will allow you to have full and positive dominion over a nervous or temperamental dog or puppy and it will also help bring about a feeling of dependency of the dog toward his owner. In order to achieve this, there must exist a form of cordial communication so that the dog or puppy does not feel frightened or threatened and so that he will be able to understand and assimilate certain expressions and verbal commands which will then be useful for the owner to order and direct the actions of the animal. If you are trying to train two dogs at a time, you will need to allow the dogs or puppies to hang around each other a lot, but they should not be allowed to fight. Once the dogs or puppies have become familiarized with each other, you will then need to put them inside separate crates or tied onto a leash; they should be separate but they need to be able to see each other. You will then need to continually go to the dogs, talk to them, cuddle them, and show them affection but always making sure you do not show one dog more affection than the other in order to avoid jealously problems. Take the dogs to a training field together where they can mingle and play together but only after they have completely gotten over any nervousness. You must teach the dogs to sit in their places while the other is getting trained individually. Talk to them continuously so that they learn to stay in their place successfully. When training a dog it is very important to be attentive yourself as the trainer. Even the smallest display of distraction, indisposition, mental wondering, or depression will be perceived by the animal or animals and it will diminish the quality of the dog trainers work. Therefore it is evident that the good job of an animal depends a lot on how the dog trainer is feeling at the moment, along with good the health and disposition of the animal.

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