Friendly Dog Expressions - Dogs Need to Help Humans

The need that a dog has to help a human seems to be something instinctive. This could be due to their social behavior that requires them to have a close relationship with their owners or it could consist of the stimulus they perceive from the person and which are interpreted by the dog. It is difficult to define friendly attitudes in dogs and even more so when they go to the rescue of people in need. There are numerous cases of the benefits that dogs have on people that are ill or with psychic problems and they have even been recognized by doctors and psychotherapists who have come to a conclusion that because of the body and facial expressions dogs do, people in need come to identify themselves with their dogs. Dogs have and still help people because people are able to spend time talking to them, touching them, teaching them, playing with them, taking them out on walks etc and all these things help to relieve stress from people. It has been observed that dogs are not only good companions and guardians but that they actually help people that are depressed by filling certain psychological needs and empty emotions and that they give meaning to the life of a lonely person, to someone who is sick, has been abandoned etc. Dogs are also excellent to use for therapy for people that have physical impediments such as for children, as well as for autistic children who have many times actually tried to have conversations with their dogs. Children that are introverted, or that have emotional difficulties and that are not able to easily communicate with others have benefited tremendously as well. People that are not able to control their motor movements can also benefit greatly from dogs as they help to motivate a person to play with them and it serves to help elevate self esteem, confidence, giving people a new meaning to their lives. The most important thing is that they open a new path of possibility and love.

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