Puppy From week 17 to 24: conscience of the surroundings

It is a critical period. The dog comprehend the space it lives in and reacts to changes with nervousness and fear. It is not the moment to teach it new things, but to study in depth what has already been learned. The dog starts to be autonomous in the fifth and sixth months (20 and 24 weeks), after the preparatory faze it has achieved as "scholarly maturity" and needs a firm hand and even more patience. Now it is taught to walk on a leah making it turn around, stand and stay. Go to a canine school, it's easier to learn with others.

From moths 6 to 12: puberty
In this faze the dog behaves with insolence. It tries to avoid "learnt" things and to rebel and test if it's owner is actually the pack leader. If it is not taught to unconditionally obey it will be a bad educated dog. From the seventh month on the male will start raising it's leg and a female can get in heat. In theory the dog, whether it's on a leash or free, should learn to obey it's owner. I have just briefly pointed out everything that needs to be taught to a puppy. In any case it's true that the earlier you start it's education, the easier it will be for the dog and it's owner, and the more control it will have over what it has learned. It's not a matter of getting discouraged for getting a dog at a certain age. Dogs are still capable of learning up to advance ages, and nothing avoids them learning to walk on aleash.

The puppies education
Picking it up and familiarizing:
It's necessary to go to the kennel were the puppy is going to be bought at least twice: to choose it and to pick it up. It is much better if in between this time you visit the puppy and play with it. It will go home at 8 or 10 weeks. If your going to pick it up in a car, there should be a second person to drive while the owner watches over it. Try for the car ride to be calm; you should avoid that, beside separating it from it's mother and brothers, it be scared by the car. A waterproof blanket is a good idea.

During the first nights you have to act strictly, the puppy has to get used to sleeping in it's place. If it barks you should calm it a little and pet it, but not staying by it's side too long. After a few unsettling nights it will naturally get used to it. For the dogs sanitary prevention you should consult "The Sick Dog". Training it's bathroom habits

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