Fun indoor Dog Games to play in House

100 ideas for a game field: house games can be more than an alternative for outdoor games caused by bad weathers. Don't depend in the weather (rain, cold and wind). With dogs that are sensitive to heat you can play with them in fresh rooms all summer long. The game field will extend to sight. Its ideal for disobedient dogs or those haven't learn to obey and run off when ever let loose out doors.

Exercises and training programs that demand concentration and meditation can be done with out the dog getting distracted. In doors there is always time to play and exercise with going out doors. Their only chance for some dogs to any physical exercise: puppies in which the vaccine hasn't kicked in, aged dogs, dogs with infinitive problems or have suffered operation or a sickness and are not fully recovered yet.

Puppies' world of games: At 3 weeks of age, puppies tend to play at biting their mothers and brothers muzzle, they extend their paws forward, and bend over the front side of their body and wag their tail as in urging for a game. The game improves the reaction and coordination of the dog's movements; it encourages self initiative and bravery.

Playing means accumulating experience. When it arrives in its house, between the first 8 – 12 weeks of age that it finds itself in that exploring stage, which will brand him for the rest of his life. Your in charge of as the "leader of the pack", to encourage the dog up to playing and moving around from the first day. Since the puppy won't be completely protected from the dangerous viral diseases (like the parvovirus) until it's had its 2nd vaccine (at 12 weeks of age), must avoid contact with other dogs until then. Games with puppies always have an educational aspect to it.

Wrestling Dog Games: Facilitate the education and first steps of care for the dog. You may, to reprimand if necessary, imitate the behavior of an adult dog in front of a puppy: grab the puppy's jaws with your hand (his mother acts this way to reprimand: she lightly bites his muzzle); place your hands in his throat to demonstrate your that your superior; turn him around to place him mouth up. Control his eyes, ears and teeth periodically. Proceed to comb his teeth and brush his hair, so the puppy will familiarize himself with the cleanliness he should have. Softly pinch every once in a while so he wont bark for nonsense.

Hiding and Looking for Objects Games: they are ideally for expanding the puppy's worldly vision in the house and go exploring for the first couple of days in the house.

Bringing Objects Game for Dogs: the puppy learns to look for objects bring them too you and return them.

Ball Dog Game: their good for puppies, because they exercise their body domination and their reaction capacity.

Movement Game for your Dog: they consist of racing and chasing. Also contributes to the perfection of corporal domination.

Attention Dog Owners: The coordination of the puppy's movement is not perfect. Don't over do it by excessive zigzag movements or running up and down the stairs or walking over elevated boards (danger of falling). Important: play softly when your playing tug a war before the change of his denture (20 weeks of age), for the sake of his teeth: if the puppy gets molar pains it will make him not want to play those games for a while.

Other important things to play with the puppy

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