Game to Play with your Dog. Training Games

These game to play with your dog are a suitable training tool for each age: Dogs show different aptitudes and necessities at each age. The pup wants to discover the world, the adult values the family environment, aged dogs tend to close up within and almost act absent, and that way keep the vitality they have left. Education and training allows you to transmit your pretenses and ideas to your dog. Education is not only a school for puppies and young dogs, but also sustenance to the aptitudes of an adult dog and a way to help adapt with out traumatizing in his changing world. The combination of education and games is convenient for all group of ages.

Puppies games:
Playing and a little Training for my dog:
Breeders separate the puppy from their mother, to take them to their new home, at an age from to 8 – 12 weeks. This means separating from the environment and people it was familiar with. The puppy already receives important norms and conducts form its mother. Now, its new owner has to take up the role of its <supplement mother>, because the dog is very easy to persuade at its attachments at this moment, and what it learns at this early age will influence him for the rest of his life. It isn't true that you must allow puppies to do what ever they please when they are small. Give them small chores and motivate them with the help of a game.

Game of Looking for Things: puppy and owner look for a hidden toy together. At each discovery a reward will follow (a pat, praises or a candy). This way the dog will familiarize it self with the world that surrounds him and will loose any fear of the unknown.

Game of Rivalry: tug-a-war for the blanket or the rubber ring strengthens his own physical strength and confidence as well as it being a good exercise.

Game of Movement: By getting a hold of the ball and bringing it, the puppy recognizes and improves his physical aptitudes, reduces their excessive energy and aggressiveness.

Game of Society: contact with people, dogs and other animals through games, makes the dog sociable, it protects him from being afraid of other people touching him and teaches him good manners. But be careful that the puppy isn't the one who determines the direction of the game. It will have, previous training, to return conquered toys when you demand them. If he doesn't, it means that he doesn't recognize you like the "leader of the pack".

Young, Adult & Old Dogs

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