Games to Play with the Puppy Dog

Educate him to not bite his owner as soon as possible: if the puppy bites to hard while playing, place him on his back or lightly pinch him (the way his canine mother would do it). The puppy suddenly going to sleep between distended games frequently happens. If it does, let him rest for a short while. Never tire out a puppy by unstoppable boring repetitions, if he doesn't want to let him loose interest in playing.

Incite to Play: The dog disposes of different conducts that shows his interest in playing:food trick

  • leaning the upper side of his body over (since he's a puppy), and always accompanied by wagging his tail,
  • acting as if you called him with a face of wanting to play (showing his teeth, wrinkling his nose and putting on a tense facial expression),
  • acting as if biting, by lightly biting his game partner or at the air,
  • biting the lower pants, your shoes or an object (blanket) and shaking his head from side to side,
  • extend his paws forward,
  • <laughing> (showing its teeth and raising his upper lip),
  • give defiantly growls (very frequent with puppies) or barking clearly and loudly

The correct way to play games with your dog: Crushing the dog with constant and continued stimulants clearly leads to the loss of a motivation to learn. To be able to succeed in the long run, especially on the first educational games, it is precise to limit training to a maximum of 3 sessions an hour (5 to 10 minutes each) and to not abuse of exercises repetitions. Dogs that kids incite playing on them while they are sleeping tend to get gloomy and misbehave themselves which may end up meaning that they won't want to play for a while.

Some dogs get out of it before they stop playing, especially in those tug a war games: give the command to <lie down> and let the dog to rest for a minute at the least. If the dog is still out of it after done playing take him for a walk to get it out of his system and so he gets a chance to relax. When the dog shows an undesirable behavior during a game, masterfully ignore him at the beginning (in less it's an aggressive behavior), but repeat the exercise immediately. When a dog shows you that he doesn't want to keep playing in an obvious manner, call him and you give the final order by stopping the game by saying: sit!, bark!, or paw! Don't organize races over a slippery floor or through the stairs for safety reasons.

Appropriate Type of Dog toys

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