How to give a Dog a Bath: Dog Cleanliness - Dog Hygiene

A frequent dog bath is recommendable and regular brushing to get rid of the "dead hairs", and to watch symptoms of external parasites. Your dog must take a bath regularly.
How to give a Dog a Bath: You better do it outside, cause this is a dirty and long procedure. Use a plastic apron or some other waterproof dress. Fill with warm water a metallic or plastic bucket. Remember your dog has sharp nails, and can bite inflated pools, and scratch the enamel of the bathtub. If your dog is dirty after a walk under the rain, the best way of cleaning him is to place him standing in a plastic bucket, or in the bathtub, submerging and rinsing his legs and abdomen with warm water (without soap).The most important is to dry him with a towel or a hair dryer till he is completely dry. For general cleaning, use a light shampoo for babies, or some especially for dogs. Some are useful in determined circumstances, for example, to strengthen the color of the hair of a Poodle. If the dog is very dirty, and has grease in his hair, use one of those special detergent gels made for this purpose. If possible, avoid detergents, kitchen disinfectants, and sanitary soaps, that could damage the skin. A dog used to take a bath since his early age, will not dislike this process, in opposition to some other that never has been in a bathtub. In first place, place the dog cautiously in the water, and then with a clean bottle or a jug, pour water over him carefully, starting with his back legs, and gradually going forward. Then use the shampoo and rub him till foam appears. The head should be washed at the end, avoiding hurting his eyes with shampoo. The dog will probably shake up, splashing water everywhere. Then take him out and throw the dirty water. Before repeating the process, be sure the shampoo is completely washed out from his hair, using, if you are outside, a water hose. After that, you only have to dry him, once he gets rid of the water remaining in his hair. You can use an old clean towel and then use any kind of dryer. Firstly the dog can be afraid of a dryer, so you better introduce it gradually, and use it at low temperatures to avoid damaging his skin.

How frequently should I bathe my dog?

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