Getting a Dog used to Grooming

It is very important a dog learn to get used to grooming sessions starting from a very young age. The age a puppy must get groomed varies from puppy to puppy depending on the type of coat he has and on the breed, usually this begins at four to eight months of age.It's suggested to bathe your puppy for the first time before he turns eight months old so that he little by little gets used to bath times, to water, to getting dried, brushed, getting his nails trimmed, etc. It's best to put the dog on a table so that he becomes used to it and becomes familiarized with it and stays on top calmly. Usually breeds that need a lot of grooming are not aggressive or rebellious. Their style of living usually involves getting dirty in some cases but usually these animals are very docile.

To groom your dog place him on top of a table, this way you won't have tobend over to clean him etc. You should also place an anti slip mat under his feet so that he does not slip. Do not allow the dog to jump off the table or walk around nervously. If you notice that the dog is nervous and uptight calm him down by talking to him by using a calm soothing voice. Start out by putting the dog on top of the table for a minute at a time at first and gradually go increasing the time. Whenever the dog does well on top of the table make sure to congratulate and praise him for a job well done.

You can repeat this process again after about an hour and continue doing it several times more during the day if you think it necessary. Make sure to encourage the dog during the whole process. When the dog has overcome his fear of being on top of the table, you can then start to brush him coat for a few seconds and then do the same with the rest of the grooming accessories.

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