Getting Dog Used to a New Home

Learning how to become a member of the family: The dog is finally at home. It might be curious o extremely withdrawn. But anyway, it is a new member of the family, whom you'll have to make feel comfortable.

The process of habituating: Give the dog time to get used to its new home. Show it around the house, flat or garden and let it snuffle everything. Once the dog has been everywhere in the house, it will probably want to eat or rest.

The dog's place: Every dog has to have a place where it won't be bothered. Dogs like to lie down under a table, to feel safe. Show the dog, from the first day, the little place you have got ready for it, but give it the opportunity of choosing several nice places and then go ahead and prepare its real "home" in one of those places. You decide what is best: a blanket, a basket, or a box. A blanket is easier to take with one when you travel.

That the dog sleeps r not in its room is up to you, but you must know: once you let the dog sleep with you as a pup, when it grows up it will want to sleep with you too, and you will have to prepare a place for him inside your room. Dogs that are alone during the day are precisely the ones that seek for the master's company at night.

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