Giving Rewards on the Spot

When taking your puppy out, distract him or call his attention, show the dog one of his toys to make sure he won't pee or go poop along the way. Say "hurry up" when he starts doing so and then praise him for having behaved correctly.

Routinary Actions
A puppy normally needs to pee or go poop after waking up and after playing and especially after eating and after coming out of his cage. As a general rule, remember that a three month old puppy needs to urinate every three hours.

Educated Master
Control your character when you are training your puppy. It is useless to reprimand him if you don't catch him when he is making his necessities inside the house. When you catch him doing so, say "NO" energetically and take him to the appropriate place. In order to avoid these situations, always keep an eye on the puppy. If you can't do it, it will be better to leave him in his cage.

Responsible Attitude
A dog's defecation is not only a problem for the public health of people and other dogs, but also an aesthetic aggression towards the environment. Keep that in mind. When you take your dog out to a public place, always remember to take a shovel or a simple plastic bag.

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