Good-looking Groomed Dogs

A dog that has been taught to be groomed and is used to getting groomed from a very young age turns out to be a very docile and obedient dog. These types of sessions help the dog to become more obedient and accepting of authority because during grooming and cleanings the dog is required to stand still while the owner bathes him, dries him etc. and it helps the dog to become more confident of the person that takes care of him. In a certain way, grooming and cleaning sessions help the dog not only because he will be cleaner and healthier, but he will also learn to become confident with people and learn to behave while being touched. Besides the affective andpsychological side of this training, there exists a real need to take care of your dog so that he looks his best and to continue doing this for the rest of his life. Older dogs that have had special treatment during their life time, many times actually look better than younger ones that are not well taken care of.Housedogs are not able to take care of themselves or groom themselves and not taking care of them and neglecting their cleanliness and grooming shows the owner has a lack of responsibility and love towards his or her dog.

Even though it is sometimes hard to see, the truth is that a dog pet that has been brought up as a member of the family still preserves a lot of similar traits his forefathers, the wolves had. Because of this it's very important to learn to communicate with our animals and get them used to being touched as it results very useful. From the time the dog is a puppy he should be exposed regularly to as many people as possible, as well as be shown new places, and have as many experiences as possible so that when he grows up he is not an afraid and shy dog; this will also help avoid the dog from becoming aggressive.

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