Grooming a Dog while Educating the Dog

There is a positive psychological aspect to grooming that is not known by a lot of people but that is of great interest, which has to do with the educational qualities that grooming sessions give and teach a dog. This actually plays a very important role in the function of a dog's social life. In the wild, dogs or wolves that live together in packs revere a strong hierarchy. The wild dogs or wolves that occupy a high social position require and impose physical contact to those under them by licking them, nibbling them, cleaning their eyes, ears, etc. and they decide when to stop as well. The under dogs are not allowed to resist the physical contact the superior ones give them. In a sense, these types of "communal hygiene" sessions help the superiors affirm their power over the rest.

This aspect carries a lot of importance in an owner - dog relationship as well as in the relationship with the veterinarian, groomer etc. If a dog owner does not physically come into contact with his or her dog or allows the animal to avoid it by growling and showing his teeth when he gets brushed etc, the owner will lose his place as the leader and will no longer be the dominant one. It is not uncommon to hear of dog owners that are afraid of their own dogs because the dog takes the owners place and calls the shots. If this type of situation happens to you, the best solution is to call for professional help; although it is not easy to resolve this type of problem, it is possible, but it will require of a lot of work from the both the dog and the owner.

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