Grooming Dogs with Semi Long, Long and Dry Hair Care

Dogs with this type of hair have a little amount of hair on their undercoats. Their coats are dry and their outer coats are not smooth or shiny. The under coat of dogs with this hair is longer and abundant in determined places and can easily become tangled. However, don't let their long hair concern you as the outer coat forms less knots than you would think and it is fairly easy to untangle. This is easier to do when the dog's hair is dry.

Dogs with semi long, silky and straight hair: Dogs with straight, silky and semi long hair have abundant shiny looking hair. The breeds with this type of coat are spaniels, English cocker spaniel's, King Charles spaniels etc. and the under coat and outer coats of these dogs are intertwined mostly in thestrategic areas of their bodies. The upkeep of this type of coat is very demanding.

Dogs with long silky hair:This type of hair is actually similar to a human's hair and dog's that have it don't hardly have any undercoats. This type of hair is abundant, fine and silky. If this hair is not brushed daily, the dog's hair will become tangled. The types of dogs with this coat are Afghans, Maltese's, and Yorkshire terriers. This type of coat is fragile and must be well taken care of.

Dogs with stiff hair:Dogs with this type of hair have a small amount of hair on their undercoats and their outer coats are stiff, dry, or wavy depending on the breed. The interesting thing about this type of hair is that it does not fall out once it is dead. Because of this, this hair needs to be pulled out by using a currycomb in order to leave space for new hair to grow.Dogs with this type of hair are Scottish terriers, Airedales, Welsh's etc. Well taken care of hair will have an intense color, whereas when it is not well taken care of it looks wooly and dull.

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