Grown Up Dog Behavior Problems

Any grown up dog can get used to its new home with patience love and tranquillity. Keep in mind this pieces of advice, nevertheless:

Make the dog feel safe and calm during the first weeks. Plan its daily routine thoroughly, for the dog's live to go in a regular rhythm. At the beginning you will have to respect this routine. Avoid any kind of stress, such as long trips or visits from unknown people. You can ask these fro it once it is safe and knows its new family.

Behavior to Watch: What situations make it nervous? What sounds scare it? Is it uneasy when out in the street? Does it know public transport?

Try and discover the order the dog understands. Does it know "quiet", "sit" or "come"? If not, teach it some commands, patiently and one at a time.

Do not let it be out without a leash until you are positive it will not run away. If the dog comes from a shelter, then find out what life was like there, many problems are a consequence of the former situation of the dog, for example:

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