Guard Dog Training - Trained Guard Dogs

Probably one of the most important Guard Dog Training involves is the dog's need to be taught is to maintain themselves indifferent toward other dogs, especially in the case of the opposite sex as well as cats, since these other animals could be the cause of the dog becoming distracted who could run after a female that is in heat, or dive for the cat hanging around and get into a fight, and this would then completely ruin the purpose they were acquired for. Probably the most difficult thing to train a male dog to do is to act indifferent toward a female dog that is in heat, however it is not impossible. Another aspect to keep in mind during the Guard Dog Training is that barking is something that dogs and puppies use to let their owners know that there are strangers around, and in some cases it can even cause an unwanted person (such as a thief) to reconsider stepping in. If you are intending for your guard dog to stay outside of your house, you will need to train him to remain quiet. You can also train a dog to remain quiet until the thief actually tries to get into the property, and then the dog would attack,besides this, it's also a good idea to teach a guard dog to not run after the intruder. The way you train different dogs varies from breed to breed. In the case of guard dogs it does also. Guard dogs are trained to be close to their owner and the result is that the dog follows the commands of his owner. The attack mission of these types of dogs consists of the animal throwing himself on the person or people the owner commands him to, attacking them violently so as to knock them down or by biting their extremities, since generally an attacked person will try to free themselves from the animal by kicking at the dog. These types of dogs are taught to bite quite hard and to hold on while at it; obviously this is done so that the thief does not get away from the dog. These dogs use their whole mouth when biting; their molars, pre molars, etc making it almost impossible for the thief to get away. Amongst the functions these dogs learn to do is to disarm the intruder by making him drop his weapon and staying next to or on top of the delinquent until a police man arrives.

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